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Barra de Navidad: 2007-12-12 (20080409)

I journeyed by bicycle down to la laguna at Barra de Navidad on 2007-12-12, and I was rewarded with a lot of spectacular avian scenery. Select image thumbnail for large WWW version, image name for information

IMG 9621 (1280x854 265KB)

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IMG 9645 (1280x854 327KB)

IMG 9652 (1280x854 131KB)

IMG 9693 (1280x854 195KB)

IMG 9699 (1280x960 170KB)

IMG 9701 (1280x960 163KB)

IMG 9734 (1280x960 257KB)

IMG 9745 (1024x1024 139KB)

IMG 9776 (1280x960 229KB)

IMG 9780 (1280x854 111KB)

IMG 9786 (683x1024 75KB)

IMG 9801 (1280x960 184KB)

IMG 9805 (683x1024 92KB)

IMG 9822 (1280x960 230KB)

IMG 9823 (1280x960 226KB)

IMG 9832 (1280x854 167KB)

IMG 9853 (683x1024 73KB)

IMG 9858 (683x1024 81KB)

IMG 9880 (1280x960 174KB)

IMG 9888 (1280x854 132KB)

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