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2018-02-16 Pinotepa Earthquake

2015-04-23 Puerto Earthquake

2010-02-25 Puerto Earthquake

2010-02-08 Puerto Earthquake

2004-01-13 Puerto Earthquakes

1998-02-03 Huatulco Earthquake

1997-06-24 Howe Sound Earthquake

1996-05-02 Duvall Earthquake

2018-02-16 Pinotepa Earthquake

This was a fairly large roller, probably the biggest I ever felt, but it was not very jarring. I was in our room, and the whole building was rolling like it was on the ocean. There were also several large aftershocks.
Magnitud    Fecha y hora (CST)      Epicentro localización:                         latitud, longitud   Profundidad
7.2	    2018-02-16 17:39:38     11 km al SUR de PINOTEPA NACIONAL, OAX          16.25°, -98.03°     12 km
5.9	    2018-02-16 18:36:52     46 km al SUR de PINOTEPA NACIONAL, OAX          15.93°, -97.97°     16 km
5.2	    2018-02-16 21:54:41     42 km al SURESTE de PINOTEPA NACIONAL, OAX      16.01°, -97.85°     10 km
5.3	    2018-02-17 15:30:42     11 km al SUROESTE de PINOTEPA NACIONAL, OAX     16.25°, -98.09°     11 km
6.0	    2018-02-19 00:56:57     32 km al SURESTE de PINOTEPA NACIONAL, OAX      16.25°, -97.77°     10 km

2015-04-23 Puerto Earthquake

Okay, another short jolt.
Fecha       Hora        Lat.    Long.   Prof.(Km)   Mag.    Zona
2015-04-22  23:24:58    15.97   -96.99  35.0        4.9     14 km al NORESTE de PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAX 

2010-02-25 Puerto Earthquake

Okay, this was not an earth shattering experience, but it still gave a good little jolt, and the previous long interlude without anything gave this one a little more significance.
Fecha       Hora        Lat.    Long.   Prof.(Km)   Mag.    Zona
2010-02-25  19:52:12    15.37   -97.01  37          4.2     55 km al SUR de PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAX
2010-02-25  19:52:14    15.82   -96.91  9           4.4     17 km al SURESTE de PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAX
MAG  	UTC DATE-TIME	        LAT     LON     DEPTH     Region
        y/m/d       h:m:s       deg     deg     km  
4.3  	2010/02/26  01:52:20    16.382 -96.533  48.9      OAXACA, MEXICO

2010-02-08 Puerto Earthquake

This one came like a freight train out of nowhere, and shook pretty solidly! It was even a "3" on my rectum scale. {:-) I don't think I would want to be in a much stronger temblor, as my concrete room was twisting and shaking more than I thought it would. I think the UNAM data is more accurate than the UGCS, as I think the epicentre was fairly close.

Ironically, just a few weeks before, I made a concerted effort to harden my room against quake damage by evaluating all that could get shaken down, and moving heavier stuff closer to the floor. I did this as I thought there was too long a period without any vibration at all.

Fecha       Hora        Lat.    Long.   Prof.(Km)   Mag.   Zona
2010-02-08  18:47:40	15.9	-96.86	37	    5.8    23 km al ESTE de PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAX
MAG  	UTC DATE-TIME	        LAT     LON     DEPTH    Region
        y/m/d       h:m:s       deg     deg     km  
5.8	2010-02-08  18:47:40    15.9	-96.86	37	 23 km al ESTE de PUERTO ESCONDIDO, OAX

2004-01-13 Puerto Earthquakes

After only recently remarking on how I hadn't felt any earthquakes for a few years, on Tuesday there were a few earthquakes here in Puerto Escondido, the first occurred at about 13:50 local time, when I was in my room, and I felt some quick, strong shaking. The second occurred a while later, at 15:28, lasted a lot longer and was even stronger, though I did not think so at the time. This morning, there was another small one at 06:04. Their epicentres were all north from Puerto Escondido, the first about 25 Km and east from San Gabriel about 10 Km. The second was 10 Km north from that, and the third was about 10 Km east from there, all along the same fault line.
DATE-(UTC)-TIME         Latitude  Longitude   Depth   Magnitude COMMENTS
yyyy-mm-dd  hh:mm:ss 	degrees   degrees     km 	  	 
2004-01-13  19:50:19 	16.09N 	  96.93W      28.6    5.0 	OAXACA, MEXICO
2004-01-13  21:28:59 	16.20N 	  96.91W      33.0    5.4 	OAXACA, MEXICO
2004-01-14  12:04:42 	16.22N 	  96.78W      33.0    4.1 	OAXACA, MEXICO

1998-02-03 03:01:59 UTC Huatulco Earthquake

On Monday there were a few earthquakes here in Puerto Escondido, but I did not even feel the first big one, which was supposed to have been a 6.1 centred near Huatulco, which is about 100 Km east from here. I was walking down a sidewalk at about 21:00, when I heard a rumble coming, and then saw 100's of people running out on to the street. I could not figure it out, and I asked a guy, and he replied that it was a temblor. The reasons why I did not feel it were because it was really windy out, and I was walking, but most people said it was really strong. It irritates me that the biggest quake that I've been in, by far, I did not even feel, but I did feel the after shocks, as I was sitting down for them. One mitigating factor may be that the ground here is really solid, as a friend told me that the ground only shook at about a 4.5. In December, there was a 6.1 near Salina Cruz, 300 Km east from here, and nobody here felt it.

On 1998-03-03 at about 01:39, I was at my desk, when I first heard all the dogs start to bark, and then about 10 seconds later, I heard a deep rumble get closer and closer, and then my room really started to shake. The neat thing was that I experienced the whole thing, and if I had wanted to, I could have easily run outside.

yy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss  deg.    deg.    km   

98-02-03 03:01:59  15.94N  96.11W  33.0 6.1Ms A  NEAR COAST OF OAXACA, MEXICO
98-02-03 07:17:52  15.93N  96.13W  33.0 4.8Mb A  NEAR COAST OF OAXACA, MEXICO
98-02-03 13:16:37  16.68N  96.41W  33.0 4.3Mb C  OAXACA, MEXICO
98-02-07 07:12:02  16.07N  96.02W  33.0 4.4Mb B  OAXACA, MEXICO
98-03-03 07:38:21  15.90N  96.02W  33.0 4.9Mb A  NEAR COAST OF OAXACA, MEXICO

1997-06-24 14:40:59 UTC Howe Sound Earthquake

This morning, while I was WWW browsing, and uploading my WWW pages, a real wild experience occurred. The radio news had just talked about yesterday's earthquake near Seattle at Bremerton, when I heard a train coming east down the street. I looked outside to see, and then the whole building really shook for a few seconds. It was scary, as I was looking out the 11th floor window at the time, and I did not know how big it was going to be. Right away, I hit my earthquake page, but the only quakes on it were two slightly prior ones near Okanagan in Washington:
yy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss  deg.   deg.      km   

97-06-24 14:23:13  48.35N 119.88W   3.2   C  FELT F  23.6 km W of Okanogan
97-06-24 14:36:02  48.35N 119.88W   4.1   C          22.8 km W of Okanogan
It was only later that I was able to retrieve the one that hit us, and it's epicentre was actually about 40 Km north, right across Howe Sound from Britannia Beach, which correlates with damage reports from Sechelt.
yy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss  deg.   deg.     km   

97-06-24 14:40:59  49.20N 123.60W  21.0   C   FELT F  40.4 km WNW of Vancouver
The thing that bothers me, is that until last year, I had never felt an earthquake, and now they appear to have become more common.

1996-05-02 Duvall Earthquake

There was a fairly big (5.3) earthquake here last week (Duvall Earthquake, May 2 21:04 PDT), the first one I ever felt. I was laying on the couch watching Seinfeld at about 21:05, when I thought that my ass and body just twitched. Then, the whole place started to move pretty well, and the curtains were swaying back and forth. I thought that it was actually exciting and cheap entertainment.

Well, now that you've all been shaken awake while watching Seinfeld, you may want some more information. I laugh at the disaster services, saying that we citizens should smarten up. The ambulance service was totally incapacitated, because they all evacuated their building, and the phone lines were all jammed by people talking (hey, count me in!) about it. I think I know who has to get their shit together.

More Information:

Kobe Earthquake Info from the U.S.G.S.

Of course, if you live in Richmond, Ladner, or anywhere else that is built on sediment, then maybe have a look at what happened in Kobe Japan, where they thought that they were prepared. This is really neat, and has has many images, thus it takes a while to load.

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