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Newfoundland Pictures

I spent four months last winter working in Newfoundland on the Terra Nova FPSO. We lived about 40 minutes up the road north in Clarenville, in a house right beside Trinity Bay. Needless to say, it was a terrible winter, and besides being cold and extremely windy all the time, it snowed like hell. In fact, It was the snowiest winter on record for the 130 odd years since they had been recording it, with over 6 m snowfall. The following are some images that I took with Fuji Superia 400 on my Pentax ESPIO 90MC camera at our Clarenville home. Click on them to get enlargements.

newfie bay 2000-12-17 12:09 (100 KB)

Trinity Bay was right across the road from our house

Clarenville house 2000-12-17 12:08 (139 KB)

Our rented house and trusty little Sunfire car. Behind the house is the old "Newfie Bullet" railroad grade

newfie sunrise 2001-02-05 07:20 (68 KB)

Looking east out across Trinity Bay over Random Island

newfie winter 2001-02-05 07:20 (137 KB)

The icicles got really big, and it snowed a lot more
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