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Paris 2011-11 Museum Tour (updated: 2012-02-05)

While I visited Paris several times, I never visited any museums as I never wanted to waste fine weather or potential employment days to be inside. The opportunity finally came when I was released from my contract in Madagascar, so I reserved five days in November to maximise my museum visiting before heading to Puerto. I bought a 5 day museum pass at CDG for 50 euro, which was okay, if only for the convenience. So, with these pages, you can view a lot, and save yourself a few thousand euro by not visiting Paris, and that's before any shopping. :-)

I had actually intended to be more energetic, but I ended up primarily in only a few venues. I concentrated my efforts and totally toured the Louvre, which was very extensive. I also visited the Branly, Orangerie and Musee d'Orsay along with more Louvre, all on one day. The Museum Pass also included the Arc de Triomphe, so i ran up there for fotos on my last morning. The Musee de'Orsay prohibited fotos, so my collection included everything else. I have organised this selection into airplane shots over Italy and the Alps, the Louvre Museum segregated into paintings and antiquities, including all sculptor, the Branly Anthropological Museum, and general Paris shots.


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