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Photos: 2007-12-2 (20080408)

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IMG 1267 (1280x854 206KB)

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IMG 1725a (1280x1024 189KB)

IMG 1758 (1280x854 182KB)

IMG 1763 (1280x960 205KB)

IMG 1817 (1024x1024 118KB)

IMG 1860 (1280x960 178KB)

IMG 1877 (1280x960 192KB)

IMG 2037 (1280x960 164KB)

IMG 2245 (1280x854 163KB)

IMG 2254 (1280x854 213KB)

IMG 2288 (1280x854 114KB)

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IMG 2386 (1280x854 204KB)

IMG 2424 (1280x854 252KB)

IMG 2439 (775x1024 182KB)
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