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Photos: 2008-03-1 (20080326)

These are "b" (babe, bee, bird, bug, and butterfly) fotos from the first two weeks in March from around Puerto Escondido.

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IMG 4851 (1280x854 182KB)

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IMG 5134 (1280x960 219KB)

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IMG 5496 (900x1024 288KB)

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IMG 5569 (1280x854 163KB)

IMG 5570 (1280x854 150KB)

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IMG 5591 (1280x960 191KB)

IMG 5592 (1280x960 188KB)

IMG 5669 (1280x960 271KB)

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IMG 5824 (1280x960 366KB)

IMG 5844 (1280x960 218KB)

IMG 5846 (1280x854 279KB)

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