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Photos: 2008-03-2 (20080404)

These are shots from the second half of March, and there are actually only five different themes with much repetition (including 237 humming bird shots). {:-)

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IMG 6053 (1280x954 194KB)

IMG 6115 (1280x854 264KB)

IMG 6225 (1280x854 416KB)

IMG 6310 (1280x960 233KB)

IMG 6333 (1280x854 133KB)

IMG 6414 (768x1024 251KB)

IMG 6439 (683x1024 216KB)

IMG 6452 (1280x960 230KB)

IMG 6456 (1280x960 185KB)

IMG 6471 (1280x960 161KB)

IMG 6476 (1280x854 165KB)

IMG 6477 (1280x854 159KB)

IMG 6480 (1280x960 183KB)

IMG 6495 (1280x960 179KB)

IMG 6503 (1280x960 181KB)

IMG 6507 (1280x960 195KB)

IMG 6547 (1280x960 101KB)

IMG 6561 (1280x960 194KB)

IMG 6596 (1280x960 146KB)

IMG 6615 (1280x960 158KB)

IMG 6616 (1280x960 155KB)

IMG 6669 (1280x854 157KB)

IMG 6679 (1280x854 163KB)

IMG 6681 (1280x854 177KB)

IMG 6705 (1280x960 181KB)

IMG 6711 (1280x854 192KB)

IMG 6735 (1280x854 141KB)

IMG 6739 (1280x960 191KB)

IMG 6784 (1024x1024 155KB)

IMG 6822 (1280x854 100KB)

IMG 6850 (1280x854 114KB)

IMG 6854 (1280x854 135KB)
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