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Here are some programs that you may find useful. (updated: 2008-01-09)

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  1. Unzip_into_folder.cmd (3 KB)

    This is a compressed REXX program that will automagically take a .Lzh or .Zip file, make a new folder with the same name, and put the uncompressed files into it.

    By associating *.lzh and *.zip with this program, just double-clicking on the object will do that, or you can drag and drop the compressed object onto this program object.

    I have also put this program on my LaunchPad, but usually after downloading way too many files, I just select them all, and select "Open"

  2. Fix_Pack17.cmd (4 KB)

    This is a Rexx program to automagically do all the work to install Fix Pack 17 for OS/2 Warp. All that you have to do, is download all the files into a directory, and run this program. Edit it first to make sure that the drives are correct. "commit.cmd" is also included, which is used to commit Fix Pack 17, after you are satisfied with its performance.

    N.B. I removed FP 17 due to increasing frustration with the frequent desktop hangs. Apparently, the file PMMERGE.ZIP floating around fixes this, however, I will have to regain some patience, and Red Warp will have to screw up a lot more than it has.

    Files needed are:

  3. Backout.cmd (2 KB)

    This is the Rexx command file to allow you to automagically back out from Fix Pack 17, back to your original level.

  4. htmepm99.zip (68 KB)

    This is an extension to EPM, which allows you to build HTML files easily. I find it the easiest HTML editor to use, as you build your text first, and then add the tags.

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