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Syncrude UE-1 (20060910)

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D-9 (3100x1600 1.14MB)

18-2_composite (2200x768 555KB)

IMG 6842 (1280x960 350KB)

IMG 6843 (1280x960 406KB)

IMG 6854 (1280x853 240KB)

IMG 6855 (1280x960 286KB)

IMG 6859 (768x1024 148KB)

IMG 6866 (1280x960 308KB)

IMG 6870 (1280x960 416KB)

IMG 6883 (1280x960 374KB)

IMG 8127 (1280x960 363KB)

IMG 8128 (1280x960 357KB)

IMG 8129 (1280x960 347KB)

IMG 8141 (1280x960 385KB)

IMG 8163 (1280x960 308KB)

IMG 8164 (1280x960 470KB)

IMG 8166 (1280x960 316KB)

IMG 8193 (1280x960 360KB)

IMG 8196 (1280x960 423KB)

IMG 8200 (1280x960 374KB)
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