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Picture I live in Vancouver, B.C., a south western Canadian city on the Pacific Ocean. It is the biggest city in British Columbia, the most western Canadian province. Vancouver's population is about 611 000, but the metropolitan area contains about three million people, and also some animals.

Point Grey
(134 KB)
I live out on Point Grey, at 49.35 degrees north latitude, and 123.23 degrees west longitude, which is near the U.B.C. campus, and the beaches. In the photo, Wreck Beach is in the immediate foreground, and my apartment is beyond the campus and green area. Further on is downtown, with Stanley Park to the left. On the far left, are West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Vancouver's climate is usually sunny in the summer, and rainy in the winter. Do you want a current picture of the North Shore or English Bay?

Vancouver Sunset
To the left is a Vancouver Sunset with the downtown in the foreground, Stanley Park behind, and the north shore mountains (1325m) across English Bay

I live about twenty minutes by bicycle from both downtown, and my favorite beach, Wreck. I gave up driving my car fourteen years ago, which in retrospect, was really wise, and made my life a lot better. I also live very close to Jericho Beach.

Vancouver Sunset 2000-05-23 20:45
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Most Vancouver pictures show the downtown area facing north, because that is where the tall buildings, mountains and ocean are. However, Vancouver is near the Fraser River delta, and that is where many suburban cities are located. It is mostly flat terrain, and there are many berry farms, including cranberries, which are harvested under water.
Here are some Vancouver panoramas:

Nighttime Vancouver Panorama from Jericho 2007-07-31 21:47 (3504x768 469 KB) 

Vancouver Panorama from Jericho 2004-06-21 21:12 (4666x750 680 KB)

Downtown Vancouver Sunset Panorama from Queen Mary School 2004-06-21 21:12 (5100x800 1 MB)

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