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Voyage 2013 (updated: 2013-11-24)

Mexico | Canada | Roma | Suisse | Paris

During June and July, I travelled from Puerto Escondido to Madagascar, visiting Mexico City, Canada, Roma, Suisse and Paris along the way. The significant photo compilation was from Roma, where I spent 7 days.


I spent a day in Mexico City, and went to the centro to visit unexplored territory.

[Mexico D. F.]
Mexico D. F.


I was in Canada for about 20 days, where I visited Vancouver, Smithers, and then drove in Alberta to Hinton after I was besieged by the Calgary flood.

[Jasper National Park]
Jasper National Park


I spent 7 days in Roma, intending to shoot as much as I could with my wider camera setup. My current camera body (Canon 5D II) is much better than the 30 D I had used before. I had wanted to purchase a TSE-17mm lens before I returned to Italy, but that will need to wait for 'next time'.

Because I arrived in Roma from Canada, my sleep hours were erratic, and I was getting up before sunrise to get out to see and shoot things without any fromaggi (people) interfering. Thus, many of these shots show deserted settings in early light, which was exactly my intent and good fortune.

I segregated most shots into respective categories, so that they are more a categorical exhibition than a photographical or chronological display. The miscellaneous shots without a category are mostly in "Roma". I also heavily edited my collection, so there are many worthwhile shots of other objects that may have not had the relative importance. Contact me for more info.

[Il Vittoriano]
Il Vittoriano
[Vatican Inside]
Vatican Inside
[Vatican Outside]
Vatican Outside
[Via Appia]
Via Appia


These were shot when I took the train from Roma to Paris. I was going to spend a day or so in Switzerland, but I got wise advice not to, as retrospectively, it surely did not have the same interest level as Italy or Paris. I did stop for a few hours in Geneve to check it out.

[Suisse etc.]
Suisse etc.


I spent a few days in Paris in order to position myself, and get a ticket, for the flight to Madagascar, and to tour in the summer, which is excellent in itself.

[Paris la Nuit]
Paris la Nuit

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