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Baden's Weather Page (updated: 2013-05-21)

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vancouver satellite image
Click to move & zoom this real time visible satellite map

Weather in Text

  • Canada Urban Text Forecasts

  • Canada Text Forecasts incl. long range

  • Vancouver
  • Current Conditions
  • Current and past 24 hours (incl. wind, pressure, humidity) for across Canada

  • Vancouver's past 24 Hours

  • Yahoo! Weather for Canada

  • The comprehensive UMich WeatherNet

  • Current Weather Conditions for Mexico | Puerto Weather | Tamatave Weather

  • Surf Sites 

    Puerto Surf | la Punta Surf | Mexico Swell Site | Pacific Primary Swells | Sea Site

    Weather in Images

  • The current Canadian Satellite Image | Big | Pretty | Mexican Satellite | Indian Ocean Satelite

  • Tomorrow's North American Forecast

  • The Lower Mainland Radar Image | The Canadian Lightning Image

    Note that Environment Canada has decided that real time images are too dangerous for public consumption, so these are all delayed at least two hours ?????

  • Local Weather Radar from Tacoma with links to satellite loops, and precipitation estimates

  • Environment Canada's Satellite Page including animations and arctic imagery

  • The UMich WeatherNet

  • The U.S. Navy's Pacific Satellite Images

  • Eastern Pacific Sea Temperatures

  • Intellicast Home

  • The Weather Channel - Weather Maps | El Canal del Tiempo (easier access to the world)

  • Hurricanes and Typhoons, the latest and most comprehensive information, including ocean temperatures
  • Climate

  • World temperature and precipitation data

  • Canadian Climatic History
  • Live Weather Cameras

  • The Weather Cam Page

  • Vancouver's Weather Cameras

  • Burrard Bridge and English Bay

  • New Westminster

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