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Wreck Beach Low Tide Panoramas (updated: 2004-06-06)

These panoramas were shot on the lowest during tide all summer, 0.039492 m at 2004-06-04 13:13 PDT. Notice how far away the orange buoys are, even in the close #3 panorama. I used my new Canon G3 in stitch mode.
(Select the thumbnail to see the full panorama, select the [30% image] to view the small images, ~100 KB)

Panorama 1, far out vista zoomed wide, 230°, 13:30
9980x800, 1.2 MB info [30% image]
Panorama 2, same location as #1, but zoomed long, 90°, 13:33
7800x800, 940 KB info [30% image]
Panorama 3, from closer in, 135° 13:42
8888x670, 1.2 MB info [30% image]

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