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Lagunas de Chacahua National Park (20080313)

I was finally fortunate enough to get to Chacahua National Park on November 16, when we travelled to San José de Progreso, and then drove into Galera, which was a real oasis at the end of a long and rough road off the highway. From there, we took a lancha across the relatively narrow lagoon mouth (2009-2043) to the beautiful, long and clean main beach, where we had an excellent lunch. Afterwards, we took a small excursion around the Chacahua lagoon interior.

I again went up to the lagunas on January 15, but this time we took a super van past Rio Grande to the turn for Zapotalito, where we hailed a taxi which took us right to the boat landing (4444), where we departed on Pastoria lagoon for a major excursion ($700) over both the lagoons and interconnecting river. A major event was to see all the wood storks (4494-4567) on some mangrove islands. We then visited the crocodile zoo and hatchery in Galera (4719-4777), which I never knew about before, and also stopped for lunch on the main beach, where I saw the longest surfing break (900 m) and the most phenomenal little kids (4945-4966) who could ride almost anything. A quick trip back to Zapotalito only took 45 minutes, so that indicates how big the lagoon system is.

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