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la Barra 2013-05-07 (20130915)

The laguna at la Barra is normally fairly constant, except when strong storms swell up Rio Colotepec, which normally then breaks the beach wide open to the ocean. On a daily basis, the ocean tides raise and lower the laguna. The coast adjacent to the beaches and laguna is very level, and I have often seen where it had been inundated, but I always ascribed that to flood waters from the river.

This year witnessed a very odd event, in that large waves from heavy southern spring swells closed off the laguna mouths to the sea with beach sand. The lagunas then started to fill up from the rivers. La Barra was an extraordinary example, in that the whole coastal plain became inundated, including the landlocked lagunas Palmera and Naranjo. Access to the beach became almost impossible, but the birds were thriving in the new wetland habitat. I was initially able to ride my bicycle on the submerged road, but later I had to wade, as the levels rose. Yes, I was wondering where all the big crocodiles were wandering. {:-)

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