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Rail & Sea Cruise 2009 (Rail) (2009-10-04)

After we started from Vancouver at 20:30, the VIA Canadian to Hinton arrived in Kamloops at about 6:00, and then into Jasper late at 15:40. Things seemed to slow down even more even after we left Jasper late, so I never got into Hinton until after 20:00. Needless to state, the best scenery, barring seeing Mount Robson in a clear sky, seemed to be the trip between Jasper and Hinton near sunset, and I was able to get some decent shots. I think the train photo solution is to shoot at f-2.8 to minimise the window's dirt and maximise the shutter speed. Another problem seemed to be the CN installed power lines always were in the way. So remember, most these train photos were all shot through dirty glass.

A week later, I went to Jasper, for a trip to Prince Rupert with a stop in Smithers to see George. Was I impressed! The first two days on the Skeena train from Jasper were exceptional. The Touring Class, including the Panorama car and the Park Car, was really nice, there were only 10 passengers in the two cars, and I felt like William Van Horne sitting in the Park Car all by myself. {:-) Further, it was so neat to shoot directly back from the train, it was almost like being in front.

I had a super visit with my step-father in Smithers, and their location couldn't be nicer, right on the lake. The train ride to Prince Rupert was also exceptionally scenic, and it amased me how many glaciers were close to the valley.

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