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VIA 2004 - Jasper National Park (20070616)

I took a VIA train trip from Hinton to Vancouver on August 5-6 2004. Most the images were taken through the dirty left hand side train window, so I left them at lower resolution, and don't blame me. {:-) The light later on got very dim, and I found it best to shoot manually with f/2 and reduced exposure to get the film speed up.

On 2007-06-16 I uploaded all new images with different files names to be consistent with my later journey on the same route. I also added EXIF files and I am going to add and link locations. For all the shots from inside the train, I improved the image quality by rotating when necessary, along with increasing contrast and a colour adjustment to compensate for the glass.

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IMG 3757 (1280x960 298KB)

IMG 3759 (1280x960 235KB)

IMG 3761 (1280x960 170KB)

IMG 3762 (1280x960 220KB)

IMG 3763 (1280x960 233KB)

IMG 3764 (1280x960 189KB)

IMG 3765 (1280x960 224KB)

IMG 3769 (1280x960 340KB)

IMG 3770 (1280x820 194KB)

IMG 3772 (1280x960 207KB)

IMG 3773 (1280x960 218KB)

IMG 3774 (1280x960 282KB)

IMG 3775 (1280x960 362KB)

IMG 3777 (1280x960 343KB)

IMG 3778 (1280x960 283KB)

IMG 3780 (1280x803 211KB)

IMG 3781 (1280x932 273KB)

IMG 3782 (1280x960 276KB)

IMG 3786 (1280x960 216KB)

IMG 3791 (720x960 190KB)

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IMG 3793 (1280x960 217KB)

IMG 3798 (1280x960 220KB)

IMG 3803 (1280x960 136KB)
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