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2009 Vancouver Fireworks (20090803)

These were all shot on the last night, August 1, during the Chinese exhibition from near Kits pool

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IMG 7183 (683x1024 168KB)

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IMG 7186 (683x1024 154KB)

IMG 7195 (846x1024 168KB)

IMG 7198 (951x1024 154KB)

IMG 7202 (768x1024 112KB)

IMG 7206 (768x1024 207KB)

IMG 7209 (846x1024 196KB)

IMG 7210 (846x1024 199KB)

IMG 7211 (846x1024 192KB)

IMG 7212 (846x1024 175KB)

IMG 7213 (846x1024 152KB)

IMG 7219 (1024x1024 214KB)

IMG 7221 (1024x1024 252KB)

IMG 7234 (766x1024 123KB)

IMG 7240 (755x1024 181KB)

IMG 7261 (663x1024 113KB)

IMG 7266 (683x1024 120KB)

IMG 7268 (768x1024 167KB)

IMG 7269 (768x1024 156KB)

IMG 7273 (1024x1024 150KB)

IMG 7301 (683x1024 128KB)

IMG 7303 (765x1024 137KB)

IMG 7305 (893x1024 178KB)

IMG 7317 (893x1024 143KB)

IMG 7319 (765x1024 123KB)

IMG 7321 (765x1024 186KB)

IMG 7327 (683x1024 178KB)
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