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Baden's Photo Page (updated: 2016-03-10)

Temporal Collections:

Check here
for collections which I routinely submit on a semi-monthly basis. I tend to avoid including shots (eg. surfing) which may be typically seen below.

Vacation Photos

Check my Vacation Page for photos, especially as in the last few years I have included a lot more photos in my trip journals

Thematic Collections:

The collections below are predominately thematically oriented.
I am roughly trying to organise this page in RCO (Reverse Chronological Order) by occurrence, but this still may yield some confusion, as I am not completing projects in that order, so the newest page may not be at the top.

BoB - Best of Bebe: I made a new repository for Becky shots

Slideshow and download availability

[Colibris Chics Feeding]
Colibris Chics Feeding 
[Monster Waves Aftermath]
Monster Waves Aftermath
[Monster Waves]
Monster Waves
[Torneo Internacional de Surf 2014]
Torneo Internacional de Surf 2014
[Chacahua 2014]
Chacahua 2014
[Palmasola 2014]
Palmasola 2014
[Mauritius 2013]
Mauritius 2013
[la Barra 2013-05-20]
la Barra 2013-05-20
[la Barra 2013-05-07]
la Barra 2013-05-07
[la Barra 2013-04-29]
la Barra 2013-04-29
[Laguna Chica 2013-04-18]
Laguna Chica 2013-04-18
[Laguna Chica 2013-02]
Laguna Chica 2013-02
[Surf Zicatela 2013-02-11]
Surf Zicatela 2013-02-11
[Paris 2012]
Paris 2012
[Amsterdam 2012]
Amsterdam 2012
[Cyclone Carlotta]
Cyclone Carlotta
[Panama 2012]
Panama 2012
[Republica Dominicana 2012]
Republica Dominicana 2012
[Ivoloina Parc Zoologique]
Ivoloina Parc Zoologique
[Paris 2011]
Paris 2011
[Mountain Parks]
Mountain Parks
[Canal des Pangalanes]
Canal des Pangalanes
[Ivoloina Parc Zoologique]
Ivoloina Parc Zoologique
[Ivoloina Parc Zoologique]
Ivoloina Parc Zoologique
[Ivoloina Parc Zoologique]
Ivoloina Parc Zoologique
[Puerto Angel 2010]
Puerto Angel 2010
[la Laguna de la Barra 2010-04]
la Laguna de la Barra 2010-04
[Surfistas en la Punta 2010-04]
Surfistas en la Punta 2010-04
[Laguna de Manialtepec 2010]
Laguna de Manialtepec 2010
[Pequeños Embajadores del Surf 2010]
Pequeños Embajadores del Surf 2010
[Carnaval de Puerto, 2010]
Carnaval de Puerto, 2010
[Una Manaña en la Laguna de la Barra]
Una Manaña en la Laguna de la Barra
[Surf Fotos: Noviembre, 2009Surf Fotos: Noviembre, 2009]
Surf Fotos: Noviembre, 2009
[un dia en Zicatela 2009-11-15]
un dia en Zicatela 2009-11-15
[Torneo Internacional de Surf, 2009]
Torneo Internacional de Surf, 2009
[Supercross 2009 Campeonato Azteca]
Supercross 2009 Campeonato Azteca
[CG Photo Contest, 2009]
CG Photo Contest, 2009
[400 mm Lens Comparison ]
400 mm Lens Comparison
[2009 Vancouver Fireworks]
2009 Vancouver Fireworks
[Birds at la Barra 2009-07]
Birds at la Barra 2009-07
[Circuito Nacional 2009 - Zicatela]
Circuito Nacional 2009 - Zicatela
[Zicatela Surfers 2009-02]
Zicatela Surfers 2009-02
[Lagunas de Chacahua 2009-02-16]
Lagunas de Chacahua 2009-02-16
[Lagunas de Chacahua 2009-01-15]
Lagunas de Chacahua 2009-01-15
[La Laguna Chica]
La Laguna Chica
[50D Defraction Test]
50D Defraction Test
[White Balance]
White Balance
Alberta 2008
[Gnarly Zicatela Surf]
Gnarly Zicatela Surf
[Big Day at la Punta]
Big Day at la Punta
[2008-02-20 Lunar Eclipse]
2008-02-20 Lunar Eclipse
[Torneo Selectivo A.S.E.O. 2008-02-03]
Torneo Selectivo A.S.E.O. 2008-02-03
[Chacahua National Park]
Chacahua National Park
[lens test]
Lens Test
[Laguna de Barra de Navidad]
Laguna de Barra de Navidad
[Zicatela Surfers]
Zicatela Surfers
[Carrera Ciclista del D.F. 2007-11-11]
Carrera Ciclista 2007-11-11
[2007-08-28 Lunar 
2007-08-28 Lunar Eclipse
Lower Fraser Canyon
VIA Hinton to Vancouver, 2007
Snowy Egret Page
Syncrude UE-1 Page
Museum of Anthropology
[2004-10-27 Lunar Eclipse]
2004-10-27 Lunar Eclipse
jasper tekarra
VIA Hinton to Vancouver, 2004
[Mountain National Parks]
Mountain National Parks 2004
[Capliano Reservoir]
Vancouver Photos

Moonlight Vancouver Panorama from Jericho 2009-10-05 16:38 (4700x1600 1 MB)

Daytime Vancouver Panorama from Jericho 2008-10-10 16:38 (3504x800 620 KB)

Nighttime Vancouver Panorama from Jericho 2008-10-22 18:53 (5777x800 770 KB)

Panorama south from Blackcomb's Seventh Heaven 2005-01-02 12:19:05 (3550x700 576 KB)

Wreck Beach Forest Fire

Downtown Vancouver Sunset Panorama from Queen Mary School 2004-06-17 21:04 (5100x800 1 MB)

Vancouver Panorama from Jericho 2004-06-15 16:35 (4666x750 680 KB)

Wreck Beach Low Tide Panoramas

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