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Colibris (20160310)


The left two videos show just the colibri canela chicks, which I initially thought were phenomenal to find. They were far surpassed when the mama came to feed them, which the two right videos show.

Select image thumbnail for video, image name for information. These videos, when selected, will probably manually or automatically download onto your system. I do not have them set up for streaming, and I am not sure that is desirable, anyway.

Videos (HD)

MVI 94680(1920x1080 23s 18MB)

MVI 94810(1920x1080 10s 6MB)

MVI 94800(1920x1080 40s 30MB)

MVI 94870(1920x1080 31s 29MB)

Videos (low-res)

MVI 9468(640x430 23s 3.0MB)

MVI 9481(640x430 10s 0.8MB)

MVI 9480(640x430 40s 4.7MB)

MVI 9487(640x430 31s 3.6MB)


These are some stills showing the mama, and then the chicks when I discovered them, followed by one with the mama feeding them.

Select image thumbnail for large WWW version, image name for information

IMG 9144 (1280x960 128KB)

IMG 9443 (1280x854 219KB)

IMG 9536 (1280x854 222KB)

IMG 9565 (1280x960 233KB)

IMG 9606 (1280x854 210KB)

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