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Desfiles (20141220)

These were shot during the revolution and posada parades and supper for Juan Rulfo school. Becca was in these events.

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IMG 4885 (683x1024 195KB)

IMG 4895 (683x1024 167KB)

IMG 4900 (832x1024 169KB)

IMG 4910 (683x1024 180KB)

IMG 4982 (873x1024 257KB)

IMG 5001 (1280x904 377KB)

IMG 5848 (1280x854 240KB)

IMG 5853 (1280x854 278KB)

IMG 5855 (1280x854 326KB)

IMG 5886 (683x1024 98KB)

IMG 5887 (768x1024 152KB)

IMG 5898 (1280x854 307KB)

IMG 5922 (1280x854 279KB)

IMG 5926 (1280x854 267KB)

IMG 5932 (1280x854 239KB)

IMG 5937 (1280x854 256KB)

IMG 5960 (683x1024 103KB)

IMG 5980 (1280x854 296KB)

IMG 6042 (1280x854 231KB)

IMG 6136 (1280x854 221KB)

IMG 6147 (1280x887 243KB)

IMG 6157 (1280x854 266KB)
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