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Pequeños Embajadores del Surf 2010 (20100316)

These were all shot with my 5D at the Pequeños Embajadores del Surf on 2010-03-07 at la Playa Punta Zicatela in Puerto Escondido. These are the future surf stars!

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IMG 1374 (1280x854 318KB)

IMG 1377 (1280x854 314KB)

IMG 1381 (1280x854 312KB)

IMG 1395 (1280x854 260KB)

IMG 1405 (1280x854 256KB)

IMG 1408 (1280x854 327KB)

IMG 1415 (1280x854 368KB)

IMG 1420 (1280x854 252KB)

IMG 1423 (1280x854 287KB)

IMG 1463 (1280x854 267KB)

IMG 1464 (1280x854 323KB)

IMG 1474 (1280x854 330KB)

IMG 1476 (1280x854 339KB)

IMG 1479 (1280x854 274KB)

IMG 1495 (1280x854 271KB)

IMG 1497 (1280x854 338KB)

IMG 1528 (1280x854 297KB)

IMG 1555 (1280x854 297KB)

IMG 1561 (1280x854 251KB)

IMG 1563 (1280x854 279KB)

IMG 1564 (1280x854 266KB)

IMG 1571 (1280x854 306KB)

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IMG 1611 (1280x854 270KB)
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