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Monster Waves (20150523)

The huge swell was forecast a week in advance, and did it show up! The waves started to increase on Saturday, then Sunday had the biggest waves ever in Puerto. Some were definitely 25 m and possibly higher. For comparison, the horizon at la Punta is about 40 m high, and these were mostly shot from Danny's (seaside {:-) Terrace. The waves went inland quite a bit, and Zicatela was inundated. The aftermath can be seen here.

Below are some video clips of the humungous Zicatela waves on 2015-05-03:

The Sorrow from el Morro (39 s) 1080 HD (20 MB)

Crash and Burn (18 s) 1080 HD (10 MB) This one was at least 20 m high.

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