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Oaxaca 2008 (20080717)

I wanted to take a trip to Oaxaca and San José del Pacífico all winter, primarily to see the highway before the new one was started, and San José, as I had previously never travelled there. After an incredible amount of contemplation and planning, I finally flew the 131 km in 31 minutes to Oaxaca City on 2008-04-20. I was going to go earlier, but I decided that San José would be too cold, and then semana santa discounted March, so April was finally decided on. Ultimately, San José was cold, even in April! :-)

Highway 175 was incredible, and now my plan is to take a bus up to San José from Puerto, and bicycle all the way back to to the ocean, as considering it is downhill most the way, should not be that difficult.

These shots primarily were from Oaxaca City, Monte Albán, and San José del Pacifico.

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