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Photos 2008-05-1 (20080603)

The first four were shot in Puerto, the others in Vancouver. I guess if you're not into birds, these won't be that interesting. {:-) FYI, I was in Puerto for 179 days, and I never saw one raindrop.

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IMG 0018 (1280x854 219KB)

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IMG 0045 (768x1024 163KB)

IMG 0051 (1280x960 477KB)

IMG 0221 (1280x854 255KB)

IMG 0268 (1280x854 130KB)

IMG 0272 (1280x960 201KB)

IMG 0292 (684x1024 115KB)

IMG 0300 (900x1024 162KB)

IMG 0341 (683x1024 100KB)

IMG 0405 (1280x854 282KB)

IMG 0421 (1280x854 362KB)

IMG 0422 (1280x854 232KB)

IMG 0424 (1280x854 260KB)

IMG 0472 (1280x854 122KB)

IMG 0544 (1280x854 243KB)

IMG 0551 (1280x854 170KB)

IMG 0620 (1280x960 261KB)

IMG 0670 (1280x960 215KB)

IMG 0675 (1280x960 321KB)

IMG 0743 (1280x854 221KB)

IMG 0799 (1280x854 273KB)

IMG 0802 (1280x854 303KB)

IMG 0831 (1280x960 210KB)

IMG 0834 (1280x960 211KB)

IMG 0840 (1280x960 235KB)

IMG 0842 (1280x960 237KB)

IMG 0844 (1280x854 217KB)

IMG 0935 (1280x854 137KB)

IMG 0960 (683x1024 106KB)

IMG 0972 (1280x854 170KB)

IMG 1007 (1280x854 185KB)

IMG 1046 (1280x960 240KB)

IMG 1055 (1280x854 220KB)
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