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Photos 2008-08-1 (20080820)

These were mostly shot in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Hinton

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IMG 1400 (683x1024 242KB)

IMG 1611 (1280x854 167KB)

IMG 1665 (1280x854 180KB)

IMG 1683 (1280x854 139KB)

IMG 1726 (1280x854 99KB)

IMG 1771 (1280x960 151KB)

IMG 1786 (1280x854 236KB)

IMG 1865 (1024x1024 236KB)

IMG 1881 (1280x960 248KB)

IMG 1913 (1280x854 202KB)

IMG 1930 (1280x960 203KB)

IMG 1949 (683x1024 111KB)

IMG 2017 (1280x854 193KB)

IMG 2033 (1280x854 193KB)

IMG 2050 (1280x854 231KB)

IMG 2084 (1280x960 248KB)
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