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Photos 2008-08-2 (20080902)

These were all shot in Vancouver

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IMG 2326 (1280x854 254KB)

IMG 2356 (1280x854 151KB)

IMG 2481 (1280x960 224KB)

IMG 2577 (1280x854 179KB)

IMG 2590 (1280x854 147KB)

IMG 2869 (1024x1024 219KB)

IMG 2875 (1024x1024 177KB)

IMG 2978 (1024x1024 170KB)

IMG 2998 (1280x854 181KB)

IMG 3002 (1280x854 185KB)

IMG 3012 (1280x854 217KB)

IMG 3013 (1280x854 238KB)

IMG 3018 (1280x854 196KB)

IMG 3101 (1280x960 139KB)

IMG 3124 (1280x854 171KB)

IMG 3172 (683x1024 131KB)

IMG 3250 (1280x854 202KB)

IMG 3273 (1280x1024 315KB)

IMG 3371 (1280x854 315KB)

IMG 3435 (1280x854 168KB)

IMG 3468 (1280x854 255KB)

IMG 3518 (1280x854 211KB)

IMG 3534 (1280x854 257KB)

IMG 3570 (1280x854 128KB)
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