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Photos 2008-10-1 (20081016)

Most these were shot in the last week, as I got carried away attempting to shoot ducks and gulls in flight at Jericho Park. The first few were shot early in September before I went up to McMoney.

These are the last shots from my 30D's as I have sold them both, and my original, and final one, is slated for delivery tomorrow. Replacing them will be a new 50D, with enhanced performance and functionally.

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IMG 3626 (768x1024 176KB)

IMG 3631 (768x1024 149KB)

IMG 3677 (1280x854 142KB)

IMG 3679 (1280x854 140KB)

IMG 3704 (1280x854 261KB)

IMG 3750 (1280x854 161KB)

IMG 3962 (1280x854 188KB)

IMG 4017 (1280x854 228KB)

IMG 4019 (1280x854 109KB)

IMG 4020 (683x1024 92KB)

IMG 4034 (1280x960 194KB)

IMG 4057 (1280x854 276KB)

IMG 4148 (1280x960 277KB)

IMG 4332 (1280x854 178KB)

IMG 4392 (1280x854 239KB)

IMG 4452 (1280x854 298KB)

IMG 4539 (1281x960 267KB)

IMG 4622 (1280x854 207KB)

IMG 4626 (1280x854 148KB)

IMG 4690 (1280x854 211KB)

IMG 4700 (1280x854 200KB)

IMG 4719 (1280x854 146KB)

IMG 4777 (1280x854 234KB)

IMG 4906 (1280x854 210KB)

IMG 4941 (1280x854 171KB)

IMG 4961 (1280x854 230KB)

IMG 4987 (1280x854 219KB)

IMG 5004 (1280x854 226KB)

IMG 5009 (1280x854 150KB)

IMG 5016 (1280x960 239KB)

IMG 5026 (1280x854 153KB)

IMG 5088 (1280x854 178KB)

IMG 5099 (1280x854 219KB)

IMG 5149 (1280x960 127KB)

IMG 5150 (1280x854 154KB)

IMG 5184 (1024x1024 119KB)
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