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Photos 2008-10-2 (20081110)

Here are the first shots from my two new camera bodies, mostly all shot within a few blocks of my place in Vancouver.

I bought a new Canon 50D on the 17th, but when I went and took about 450 shots on Saturday, they were mostly all terribly front focused except for a lucky few. So, on Sunday, I went and exchanged the body at Lens & Shutter for a new one, and it kicks ass! There is some discussion concerning the new 15 MPixel sensor's clarity not being proportionately clearer (in line pairs), but I find no reason to shoot at full resolution, except for cropability.

The 50D is extremely fast, and after I found how much better shooting "Continuous" in "Servo Mode" is, I think I have shooting birds in flight mostly understood.

One of the slickest features to go along with the high resolution viewing screen, is "Live View" as I find I can manually focus on static objects much better then ever before.

This batch was shot on four different camera bodies, and if you can tell which are which, without reading, you'll win the gran prix!

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IMG 0032 (1280x854 125KB)

IMG 0072 (1280x854 205KB)

IMG 0113 (1280x854 261KB)

IMG 0126 (1280x960 180KB)

IMG 0215 (1280x854 194KB)

IMG 0260 (1280x854 196KB)

IMG 0276 (1280x854 204KB)

IMG 0279 (683x1024 133KB)

IMG 0296 (1280x960 269KB)

IMG 0346 (1280x854 179KB)

IMG 0362 (1280x854 245KB)

IMG 0373 (1280x960 298KB)

IMG 0377 (683x1024 133KB)

IMG 0388 (1280x854 196KB)

IMG 0405 (1280x854 154KB)

IMG 0426 (1280x960 187KB)

IMG 0462 (1280x960 310KB)

IMG 0475 (1280x854 353KB)

IMG 0530 (683x1024 344KB)

IMG 0532 (1280x854 283KB)

IMG 0751 (829x1024 147KB)

IMG 0773 (1280x960 242KB)

IMG 0814 (1280x854 355KB)

IMG 0847 (1024x1024 214KB)

IMG 0869 (1280x960 321KB)

IMG 0895 (1280x854 188KB)

IMG 0918 (683x1024 95KB)

IMG 0945 (1280x854 200KB)

IMG 1410 (1280x854 201KB)

IMG 1496 (1280x854 232KB)

IMG 1556 (1280x854 293KB)

IMG 1564 (1280x854 250KB)

IMG 1591 (1280x854 282KB)

IMG 1605 (1280x960 264KB)

IMG 1615 (1024x1024 214KB)

IMG 1644 (1280x854 321KB)

IMG 1653 (1024x1024 282KB)

IMG 1664 (1280x854 221KB)

IMG 1667 (1280x854 224KB)

IMG 1682 (1280x640 235KB)

IMG 1705 (1280x854 261KB)

IMG 1707 (683x1024 242KB)

IMG 2590 (1280x960 202KB)

IMG 5260 (1280x960 262KB)
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