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Photos 2008-12-1 (20081216)

These were all shot in my first week in Puerto, most within 20 m of my room

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IMG 2038 (683x1024 95KB)

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IMG 2227 (1280x854 267KB)

IMG 2283 (1280x960 200KB)

IMG 2347 (1280x960 370KB)

IMG 2359 (1280x854 399KB)

IMG 2414 (1280x960 123KB)

IMG 2424 (1280x960 155KB)

IMG 2490 (1280x854 228KB)

IMG 2675 (1280x854 203KB)

IMG 2692 (1280x854 179KB)

IMG 2706 (1500x1000 312KB)

IMG 2749 (1280x854 128KB)

IMG 2767 (1280x960 206KB)

IMG 2844 (1280x960 225KB)

IMG 3077 (1280x854 220KB)
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