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Photos 2009-06 (20090702)

These were all taken, except for the first shot, back in Puerto after my three month hiatus on the tundra

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IMG 2660 (1024x1024 178KB)

IMG 2753 (1280x854 154KB)

IMG 2866 (1280x854 175KB)

IMG 2949 (1280x854 186KB)

IMG 3008 (1280x854 78KB)

IMG 3013 (1280x854 149KB)

IMG 3052 (1280x854 119KB)

IMG 3062 (683x1024 89KB)

IMG 3109 (1280x960 198KB)

IMG 3152 (1280x960 163KB)

IMG 3287 (1024x1024 195KB)

IMG 3346 (1280x854 270KB)

IMG 3355 (1280x854 391KB)

IMG 3552 (1280x960 197KB)

IMG 3557 (1280x960 216KB)

IMG 3614 (1280x854 313KB)

IMG 3714 (838x1024 114KB)

IMG 3735 (777x1024 112KB)
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