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Photos 2009-07-1 (20090722)

This gallery from Puerto Escondido celibates all life. These were all shot near my room, or on Zicatela Beach

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IMG 0005 (1280x960 102KB)

IMG 0014 (1280x854 188KB)

IMG 0017 (1280x854 146KB)

IMG 0036 (1280x854 200KB)

IMG 0183 (1280x854 189KB)

IMG 0244 (1280x854 143KB)

IMG 0259 (1280x960 217KB)

IMG 0292 (683x1024 136KB)

IMG 4468 (1024x1024 155KB)

IMG 4507 (683x1024 109KB)

IMG 4536 (683x1024 104KB)

IMG 4562 (683x1024 95KB)

IMG 4563 (768x1024 150KB)

IMG 4581 (1280x854 231KB)

IMG 4604 (683x1024 103KB)

IMG 5075 (652x1024 92KB)

IMG 5190 (1280x960 177KB)

IMG 5398 (1280x960 152KB)

IMG 5429 (1280x854 130KB)

IMG 5432 (768x1024 118KB)
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