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Photos 2009-08-2 (20090909)

These shots are mostly from Hinton and Smithers during my grand Rail and Sea Cruise. I decided to include shots that were not so specific to the trip's theme, so they mostly include small stuff and birds. I also added new EXIF information to include focus distance and colour temperature. I checked out the focus distance and it seems to be very close for intermediate distances

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IMG 0340 (768x1024 141KB)

IMG 0364 (1280x960 148KB)

IMG 0416 (1280x854 213KB)

IMG 0461 (1022x1024 184KB)

IMG 0476 (1280x854 220KB)

IMG 0619 (683x1024 143KB)

IMG 0621 (683x1024 133KB)

IMG 0624 (1280x960 153KB)

IMG 1023 (1280x854 170KB)

IMG 1041 (1280x854 167KB)

IMG 1112 (1280x854 107KB)

IMG 1218 (1280x854 105KB)

IMG 8480 (1280x854 185KB)

IMG 8530 (768x1024 136KB)

IMG 8818 (1280x854 181KB)

IMG 8836 (1280x854 173KB)

IMG 8842 (1024x1024 187KB)

IMG 8872 (1280x960 138KB)

IMG 8874 (1280x854 155KB)

IMG 9018 (1280x854 273KB)

IMG 9029 (829x1024 162KB)

IMG 9041 (1280x854 169KB)

IMG 9059 (683x1024 99KB)

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IMG 9342 (1280x854 272KB)

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