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Photos 2009-09-1 (20091008)

These were all shot around Vancouver in September, and I only have one set for this month, as the opportunities didn't seem to present themselves

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IMG 2727 (1280x854 243KB)

IMG 2764 (683x1024 131KB)

IMG 2776 (1280x854 209KB)

IMG 2871 (683x1024 89KB)

IMG 3037 (1280x960 145KB)

IMG 3179 (1280x854 145KB)

IMG 3197 (4700x1600 1148KB)

IMG 3260 (683x1024 291KB)

IMG 3271 (1280x854 211KB)

IMG 3328 (1280x854 131KB)

IMG 3339 (1280x854 95KB)

IMG 3359 (844x1024 146KB)

IMG 3494 (683x1024 212KB)

IMG 3507 (1280x854 101KB)

IMG 3573 (1280x854 163KB)

IMG 3685 (683x1024 277KB)

IMG 3722 (1280x854 474KB)

IMG 3773 (683x1024 184KB)

IMG 3807 (1280x854 266KB)

IMG 3889 (683x1024 242KB)

IMG 3951 (1280x854 197KB)

IMG 4000 (1280x854 140KB)

IMG 4069 (1280x854 219KB)

IMG 4176 (1280x854 177KB)
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