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Surf Zicatela 2013-02-11 (20130422)

These were all shot on Zicatela on a better day in February. As an experiment, I compared the performance and results from the 5D Mk II and the 50D, and the surprise winner by a long shot was the 5D, which is reputed to have poor focusing. However, I have found that the centre focus is very good, and I still have yet to find any real camera comparison on its centre servo mode, which is where the bread is buttered.

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IMG 7909 (1280x826 223KB)

IMG 7928 (1280x854 274KB)

IMG 7958 (1280x854 309KB)

IMG 7973 (1280x854 285KB)

IMG 7989 (1280x854 233KB)

IMG 8019 (1280x854 219KB)

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IMG 6728 (1280x854 301KB)

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