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Surf Fotos 2009-11 (20091211)

These are some general shots that were shot in later November on Zicatela in two sets. I decided to segregate them from the general shots, as there seemed to be too many surf shots which would affect the general theme.

The waves were definitely larger the week after the Torneo de Surf. :-)

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IMG 8103 (1280x854 211KB)

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IMG 8133 (1280x854 204KB)

IMG 8162 (1280x854 253KB)

IMG 8180 (1280x854 247KB)

IMG 8249 (1280x854 349KB)

IMG 8254 (1280x854 225KB)

IMG 8263 (1280x854 227KB)

IMG 8591 (1280x854 299KB)

IMG 8592 (1280x854 315KB)

IMG 8597 (1280x854 328KB)

IMG 8611 (1280x854 248KB)

IMG 8662 (1280x854 274KB)

IMG 8664 (1280x960 346KB)

IMG 8671 (1280x854 290KB)

IMG 8684 (1280x854 348KB)

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IMG 8702 (1280x854 244KB)
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