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Puerto Angel 2010 (20100606)

These were all shot when I went down to Puerto Angel one day in late April. I took the bus to San Antonio, then the colectivo camion to San Agostinillo, where I had breakfast. I then took a colectivo over to Zipolite, where I then walked to the eastern end, and took another colectivo over to the big dock in Puerto Angel. Most these shots are from the Puerto Angel bay. I then walked around the rock to Playa Panteon, and after a limonade, I walked up the hill to the hotel where I found a nice location to shoot the bay vistas. After that, I walked back to Zipolite,, where I continued to the end, where I suntanned (burned?) for an hour. I then walked back through town, and got another colectivo back to San Agostinillo, where I just made the Saturday night 18:00 closing (???), and ordered a few brew and the quesidilla de camerones. After a little rest, I walked over the hill along the road, where they are making wide sidewalks {:-) to Mazunte. and out along the beach for same late day scenery. After that, I then took a colectivo back to the highway, where I was able to catch a Sur bus back to Puerto.

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