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Circuito Nacional 2009 - Zicatela (20090727)

These are a selection of my best shots of the Circuito Nacional 2009 Mexican Surf finals on Zicatela. Some heats were phenomenal, and Oscar Moncada really showed what he is all about.

The winners went on to the ISA World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa, Jacó Costa Rica

Download the entire 279 foto archive here (Zip 79 MB)

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IMG 4456 (1280x854 276KB)

IMG 4469 (1024x1024 121KB)

IMG 4475 (668x1024 114KB)

IMG 4476 (683x1024 115KB)

IMG 4489 (1280x960 249KB)

IMG 4518 (1280x854 248KB)

IMG 4630 (1280x854 378KB)

IMG 4664 (1280x854 327KB)

IMG 4667 (683x1024 129KB)

IMG 4669 (1280x854 309KB)

IMG 4699 (1280x960 363KB)

IMG 4705 (1280x854 283KB)

IMG 4711 (1280x854 344KB)

IMG 4713 (1280x854 417KB)

IMG 4730 (1280x854 334KB)

IMG 4731 (1280x960 399KB)

IMG 4739 (1280x854 293KB)

IMG 4752 (1280x854 385KB)

IMG 4771 (1280x854 348KB)

IMG 4777 (1280x854 266KB)

IMG 4799 (1280x854 316KB)

IMG 4812 (1280x854 301KB)

IMG 4813 (1280x854 263KB)

IMG 4824 (1280x854 281KB)

IMG 4869 (683x1024 124KB)

IMG 4891 (1280x854 319KB)

IMG 4904 (1280x854 341KB)

IMG 4926 (1280x854 234KB)

IMG 4929 (1280x854 250KB)

IMG 4940 (1280x854 324KB)

IMG 4961 (1280x854 345KB)

IMG 5006 (1280x854 313KB)

IMG 5018 (1280x854 321KB)

IMG 5027 (1280x854 360KB)

IMG 5034 (1280x854 177KB)

IMG 5048 (1280x854 364KB)

IMG 5082 (1280x854 383KB)

IMG 5109 (1280x854 362KB)

IMG 5179 (1280x854 245KB)

IMG 5201 (1280x854 374KB)

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