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un dia en Zicatela (20091122)

These were all shot at 400 mm on Sunday, 2009-11-15 on Playa Zicatela with a nice swells, the week after the Torneo de Surf. It was such a nice all around day, that I thought a separate page was due

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IMG 7515 (1280x854 293KB)

IMG 7516 (1280x854 292KB)

IMG 7527 (1280x854 263KB)

IMG 7536 (1280x854 346KB)

IMG 7569 (1280x854 221KB)

IMG 7572 (1280x854 245KB)

IMG 7574 (1280x854 265KB)

IMG 7575 (1280x854 251KB)

IMG 7583 (1280x854 276KB)

IMG 7592 (1280x854 221KB)

IMG 7638 (1280x854 310KB)

IMG 7641 (1280x854 247KB)

IMG 7655 (1280x854 268KB)

IMG 7659 (1280x854 253KB)

IMG 7667 (1280x854 359KB)

IMG 7668 (1280x854 370KB)

IMG 7669 (1280x854 365KB)

IMG 7670 (1280x854 343KB)

IMG 7675 (1280x854 337KB)

IMG 7683 (1280x854 314KB)

IMG 7686 (683x1024 151KB)

IMG 7687 (1280x854 270KB)

IMG 7697 (1280x960 429KB)

IMG 7736 (1280x854 291KB)

IMG 7737 (1280x854 247KB)

IMG 7755 (768x1024 165KB)

IMG 7763 (1280x854 212KB)

IMG 7773 (1280x854 278KB)

IMG 7782 (1280x854 231KB)

IMG 7825 (1280x854 261KB)

IMG 7854 (683x1024 137KB)

IMG 7862 (1280x854 266KB)

IMG 7894 (1280x854 292KB)

IMG 7899 (1280x854 247KB)

IMG 7915 (1280x854 284KB)

IMG 7920 (1280x854 244KB)
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