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Ivoloina Parc 2012-02-10 (20120212)

So, maybe there is some repetition here, but these were all shot with my new 5D Mk II when I took a pouse-pouse up to Ivoloina from our new house in Tamatave. I found that the Mk II high ISO largely negates the need for IS and a tripod. For instance, 1622 was shot with the 200 mm under foliage under a tree, and 6400 ISO did the trick. I think the new 1D X would even be better with 3 more stops and a enhanced focus system.

I was not as impressed with the lemur shots as some past ones, and maybe the light was not as good, and the presentation definitely was not. The uncaged lemurs now have large bright metal tags which removes all vestiges of "natural" from their images. {:-(

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