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Paris 2010-08 (20100908)

Here are some select shots I took while on a two day layover in Paris in August, 2010. The weather could have been better, and I strove to maximise my time outdoors, so that is mostly what is displayed.

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IMG 1154 (683x1024 166KB)

IMG 1164 (1280x854 246KB)

IMG 1180 (683x1024 239KB)

IMG 1205 (683x1024 102KB)

IMG 1234 (1280x854 212KB)

IMG 1264 (1280x854 218KB)

IMG 1351 (683x1024 103KB)

IMG 1364 (683x1024 129KB)

IMG 1391 (1280x854 326KB)

IMG 1414 (683x1024 112KB)

IMG 1429 (1280x854 207KB)

IMG 1470 (1280x854 205KB)

IMG 1477 (1280x854 209KB)

IMG 1488 (683x1024 126KB)

IMG 1521 (1280x854 259KB)

IMG 1533 (1280x854 203KB)

IMG 1544 (1280x854 303KB)

IMG 1551 (683x1024 150KB)

IMG 1562 (1280x854 292KB)

IMG 1577 (683x1024 234KB)

IMG 1586 (683x1024 210KB)

IMG 1587 (1280x854 285KB)

IMG 1605 (1280x854 240KB)

IMG 1614 (1280x854 266KB)

IMG 1622 (683x1024 178KB)

IMG 1626 (1024x1024 154KB)

IMG 1635 (683x1024 246KB)

IMG 1645 (1024x1024 281KB)

IMG 1664 (683x1024 290KB)

IMG 1672 (683x1024 135KB)

IMG 1682 (683x1024 217KB)

IMG 1695 (683x1024 120KB)

IMG 1698 (683x1024 181KB)

IMG 1702 (683x1024 222KB)

IMG 1705 (768x1024 137KB)

IMG 1719 (683x1024 177KB)

IMG 1736 (1280x854 283KB)

IMG 1743 (1280x854 351KB)

IMG 1748 (1280x854 203KB)

IMG 1751 (1280x854 203KB)

IMG 1775 (683x1024 136KB)

IMG 1804 (683x1024 102KB)

IMG 1813 (1280x854 163KB)

IMG 1833 (1280x854 236KB)

IMG 1866 (1280x854 212KB)

IMG 1891 (1280x854 224KB)

IMG 1908 (1280x854 196KB)

IMG 1913 (683x1024 224KB)
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