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African Safari 2011 (updated: 2011-03-29)

One of my desires while working here in Madagascar was to check out some African wildlife. I asked around, and finally booked a tour through Lynne at mia-schoeman.com. The whole experience was way above expectations, and I feel very fortunate to have seen what I did.

To get a new Malagasy visa, I first went to Capetown, where I was very impressed with the high living standard and the surrounding vistas. I then flew up to Victoria Falls, where I spent a night in the most luxurious accommodations ever, and visited the spectacular falls.

Then, after being driven a few hours, I spent four more days in Botswana at the Chobe Game Lodge, where the wildlife astounded me with both variety and abundance. Finally, I spent a night in suburban Johannesburg, where I was fortunate to shoot many birds, before I once again returned to Tana and Tamatave in Madagascar.

[Day 1: South Africa]
Day 1: South Africa
[Day 2:
Day 2: Zimbabwe
[Day 3: 
Day 3:Botswana
[Day 4: 
Day 4: Botswana
[Day 5: 
Day 5: Botswana
[Day 46 
Day 6: Botswana
[Day 7: South Africa]
Day 7: South Africa

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