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Slurp Page (updated: 2009-05-22)

I have received several valid requests to have my large images presented in a slideshow format, so that they could be accessed sequentially without returning to the thumbnail page. I examined the feasibility, and I determined that it would require substantial effort on my part to facilitate this feature, and considering that WWW mirroring software is freely available, and would even allow easily saving all the [image] files to your local drive, I think this would be the best option.

I preformed a precursory search, and found these free mirroring programs:

Multi Platform:


I am only familiar with Sslurp! in OS/2, but basically you set select which root directory and file mask (eg. *.jpeg) you wish to download, and the application will download the entire directory and subdirectory structure into your selected drive location. I hope this helps.

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