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Madagascar Tour 2010 (updated: 2011-01-23)

While working in Madagascar, I thought I should take advantage of the situation and visit the island. So, my driver arranged a trip for us, starting in Tana, and finishing back in Tamatave where I live.

After renewing my Malagasy visa in Mauritius, I flew to Tana where my driver was waiting, so for the next 8 days, we travelled to the north, visiting three national parks. We then flew back to Tana from Diego Suarez where my driver met us, and we drove back to Tamatave, visiting another national park on the way.

[Madagascar Tour Day 1]
Madagascar Tour Day 1
[Madagascar Tour Day 2]
Madagascar Tour Day 2
[Madagascar Tour Day 3]
Madagascar Tour Day 3
[Madagascar Tour Day 4]
Madagascar Tour Day 4
[Madagascar Tour Day 5]
Madagascar Tour Day 5
[Madagascar Tour Day 6]
Madagascar Tour Day 6
[Madagascar Tour Day 7]
Madagascar Tour Day 7
[Madagascar Denuded]
Madagascar Denuded

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