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Madagascar Tour 2011 (updated: 2011-06-19)

While working in Madagascar, I took advantage of the situation to visit the island. This time, my driver arranged a trip to the south for us, starting in Tana, and finishing in Tulear.

After renewing my Malagasy visa in Reunion, I flew to Tana where my driver, Olivier, was waiting, so for the next 7 days, we travelled to the south, visiting two national parks on the way. We then flew back from Tulear to Tamatave.

I was really amazed at some of our accommodations, notably at Relais de la Reine in Isolo National Park and Les Dunes in Ifaty. They provided first class luxury in the middle of nowhere.

The first link includes my shots from Reunion, and the last link shows how they make aluminum pots in a backyard foundry

(I am still planning to write more information, and provide location information)

[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 1
[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 2
[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 3
[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 4
[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 5
[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 6
[Madagascar South Day 
Madagascar South Day 7
    Aluminum Pot Making]
Madagascar Aluminum Pot Making

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