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Update Listing to 2000


Updated my Financial page


Finally finished my spring trip to Asia synopsis

Cleaned up my home page a bit

Added a whole bunch to my Financial page, more or less what's on my private page


Changed my Tide page a whole bunch. Added new tables and stats to 1999-06-30, and added a new page with all my graphs for the next 44 weeks

Changed all the Nebula Desktop images to JPEG from OS/2 BMP


Added a Nebula Desktops page on my home page

Added The Register to my News Page

Text Only page synchronised


Finally added tide images to my Tide page

Edited Prion Diseases, and added links for the author

Added tomorrow's Weather forecast to the Weather page

Added Jessica's home page to my home page

Added new benchmarks, including Java, to my benchmarks page:

  • Archiver Comparison
  • CaffeineMark 3.0
  • SciMark 2.0
  • Volano Report
  • 1999-08-16

    Added an Earthquake link to my Earthquakes page that has more history and real neat maps. Note that is not real time like the finger links

    Fixed the link for The Stolen Bike Registry on my home page
    (thanks to Andrew Aronoff)

    I found out that the airplane crash page was functional again, so it's back on my home page

    I got a neat link from Charlene that is morbidly interesting, and it's also on my home page


    Fixed up my home page a bit including adding links for my .nu domain and Niue Island

    Fixed broken links on my weather page, notably replacing images for Mexico and Canada


    Fixed up a whole load of broken links on my SCSI pages


    Fixed up a whole load of broken links on my weather page


    Major changes! I moved my site over to TobyServ which is on Linux RedHat 6.0 connected to an OC-3. I did not add much content or many updates, but I did change almost all the pages at the new and old sites to reflect the new, much faster, site's address.

    Note that I am enforcing the ISO date and time format (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) on my pages, especially with the year 2000 coming up. I mean, what is 01/02/03?  :-)


    I did some cleaning and fixed many broken links on the weather page, but I still have a lot to do. Environment Canada has to be the worst place for constantly changing, and breaking things

    I added the new tide tables until October to my Tide page

    1999-04-22 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    This is my last day in Puerto Escondido this winter, so I will be back in Vancouver

    Fixed my Financial page link to Stocks page, and re-vamped it

    Updated some links and cleaned up my home page

    1998-12-02 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    I changed the new Puerto Escondido fax number to one that works - 011-52-958-22266


    I am off to Puerto Escondido, Mexico for the winter

    Changed my Financial page to include gold quotes from Kitco, and to add more stocks on my Stocks page

    Updated my SCSI page to remain current

    Added new screen shot, to reflect what I have used for the last six months, and I put the old one in the cellar

    Also added a laptop screen shot to my main page, as it'a little more interesting.

    Cleaned up a bit, but not enough to tire me out, and to leave me something do do down south


    I added my Thai Vacation to my home page, and made a new vacation archive page and moved the others there.

    General maintenance, mostly on my home page.


    I finally got around to changing my Tide page for the winter


    Changed the OS2 fixpacks on my OS/2 page to the ftp site, as it's way easier to find and use

    CMC Satellite Page and ftp added to Weather Page to allow ftp access, as the http sever blocks my access now, probably for a real stupid reason.

    Added hurricanes and typhoons page to my Weather Page

    Added Stocks Page and PDG to financial page, so you can see how Yahoo! can be customised to your needs

    Added Brills and Freedom Forum to my News Page as alternative news


    I fixed up my Netscape and Test pages, as they had broken image links


    Added Steve Fossett's Balloon Down to home page


    As usual, cleaned up around the site

    Added Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases to the Search Stuff page

    Added The Globe and Mail and Yahoo! Canada News to my News page

    Added Yahoo! Weather to my Weather page

    Fixed up and added Sysbench Benchmarksto my benchmarks page

    Jenni relpaced Shania on my home page

    Updated the images on my Tide page


    Added several weather image links to my weather page, including Hurricanes, Canadian Lightning, B.C. Satellite, and Lower Mainland Radar

    Updated my home page link to The Secular Web


    I fixed the Seattle NexRad link on my weather page

    I was able to re-implement all my directory listings, on my home page, as my host is now on Apache

    Did some minor housekeeping


    I went whole hog on my SCSI page, and fixed it all up, as it was tremendously broken, and it gets four times the hits that my home page does. I also added some new SCSI vs. IDE information

    Added a BC Tel White and Yellow pages to my search page

    I deleted the current image from the Tide page, as it's redundant, and added three new links to neat information on variable sea levels, and an on-line book about tides from the NOAA


    I added Shania to my home page. No, unlike Alex Doll, I don't like C&W, but I'd swallow anything that Shania fed me  :-))

    Added the Kiersey test to my home page

    Changed the Alta Vista search engine reference on my Search Page to a powerful text one

    Added IBM's Public Fixpaks to my OS/2 page

    Added Internet Access Kit (IAK) information to the OS/2 page

    I fixed up (many) broken links on the Weather page

    I changed my home page Computer news to InfoWorld, as PC Week have become such liars, and so blatantly Microsoft, it's a waste to read them

    Added Hobbes to my OS/2 page

    I really fixed my updated Tide page, as it was really screwed up

    I did some big housecleaning, with a lot more to go

    Uploaded all the pages that were fixed up in Mexico. Aside from HTML style, the main differences to you, will be that all the embedded images have size tags for quicker loading

    1998-05-30 (from Rainbow Lake)

    I really updated my Tide page, and this page

    1998-05-12 (from Toby's ADSL)

    I fixed the home page Java so it finally works well on most platforms

    I did some big time housekeeping in Mexico, updating most pages, but I have not uploaded it yet.

    The Netscape page has a link now to a HTML test page, where you can see how different HTML works

    1998-03-01 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    Did some big time housekeeping, especially on my home page

    New Netscape compatibility page

    Fixed two Java .class files to look better

    Moved Overclocker's FAQ to my Benchmarks page

    Added the new Huatulco Earthquake to my Earthquakes page

    Changed Mexican vacation to be more current, notably in Puerto Escondido

    1998-01-16 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    I took the big leap, and added more Java applets to my home page. Isn't this the greatest! Now all this stuff happens without stupid HTML tags, and really slows your computer down. I've included the Java Picture, a changing colour clock, jumping OS/2 text, and a static Java reference at the bottom

    Yes, you saw it here first, but just in case that you did not know, or did not read it yet, this year's Nobel prize winner in Medicine has had his treatise on Mad Cow Disease, on my Home page for 18 months

    1998-01-08 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    Added Java to my home page

    Added new current pages on Costa Rica and Mexico

    1997-12-24 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    Did some big time housekeeping

    1997-12-22 (from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico)

    Changed the Puerto Fax number on my home page

    Did some housekeeping, especially on my earthquake page

    Added the new contest winning picture to my home page. (it used to be there initially  :-))


    Added a Puerto Fax number to my home page

    Did some housekeeping


    Added a naked dancing women to my home page. I will put it somewhere else later, any ideas?


    Added a page where you can vote for a new home page image

    Removed Infomatch Weather station, as it was dead and littered the Iway


    Added a bunch of links to my Weather Page, including:

  • Canadian Regional Text Forecasts
  • Current Conditions and Local Forecasts for Canada
  • The current Mexican Satellite
  • Eastern Pacific Sea Temperatures
  • Intellicast Home
  • The Weather Channel - Weather Maps
  • Added all the Canadian e-zines and Newspapers to my home page


    Believe it or Not, I actually did update my Tide page

    I just bought a Diamond Viper 2 MB VLB video card, so I now have a colour desktop, (hey Lloyd!)  :-) which is added to to my home page

    Removed Infomatch Weather station, as it was dead and littered the Iway


    Added new new UltiMail link to my UltiMail page

    Added Current Weather Conditions for Mexico link to both my main page, and to my Weather Page

    Added Astronomy Picture of the Day link on my main page

    Added Canada Stockwatch to my Financial Page.
    It has real time charts and much information

    Made a Baden's Financial Page

    Updated my home pages, and did some housecleaning.


    Fixed broken links on my homepage, and did some housecleaning, removing OKRA


    Changed the Tide page, so that it has weekly tide graphs until September.

    Added a Cellar for somewhat obsolete stuff

    Minor cleanup, and put some stuff in the Cellar

    Added some anti M$ stuff on behind the NT image


    Added three new Vancouver Weather Cams ( The North Shore Mountains, Kitsilano Beach, Highway 99 South of Whistler), added UMich WeatherNet home and image pages, and a new Canadian satellite image, and fixed up the formatting and broken links on the Weather Page

    Fixed broken links and added info for yesterday's earthquake on the Earthquake page


    Cleaned up some stuff

    Fixed up the Tide page a whole bunch, so it is all current.

    Added a new Benchmark page (should make Toby happy)  :-)

    SCSI page updated, added a EIDE versus SCSI page

    Added The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer to my main page

    Added new Magazine and Redbook links on my OS/2 information page, and moved DeScribe up to my OS/2 page

    Text Only page synchronised


    Cleaned up some stuff

    Text Only page synchronised


    Well, I'm back from Mexico, and I've completed a few things:

    I did some housekeeping

    The Dictionary site added to my Search Page

    Airplane Accidents added to my home page

    The Benchmark Page is readdressed and rejuvenated

    Did you know that there is a new Adobe Acrobat Amber reader?

    OS/2 magazine was deleted. I'm looking for a new one.

    PCWeek has a new address from my home page

    I added a Hale-Bopp link on my home page


    Changed the Tide page for no current information, as I am gone to Mexico until April

    Added a link to Phil's project on my home page


    Added Vancouver's the best city link


    Added links for current weather conditions (incl. wind, pressure, humidity) on the Weather Page


    New Vancouver link on my Vancouver page

    Added new stock quote link on home page

    Added News page

    Added Buy & Sell to my home page

    Added a world climate data link on my weather page

    The satellite images now have animations

    Did you know that there is a new Adobe Acrobat reader?

    Housekeeping around the site

    Did mucho trabajo for my Tide page, including new tide tables until May, 1997


    Added a counter to my home page


    Fixed a broken link for Infomatch Weather Station on the Weather Page

    My new Search Page has Canada's Postal Codes

    I tidied up my home page, including setting the margins at 80 characters

    I made a new Search Page linked from my home page


    I finally got around to making a new Whole_site compressed archive for this site


    Replaced old with new Vancouver page link

    Did some housekeeping

    If you did not already notice, I just got a new image from Bill

    Well, I managed to finally go through an de-bug my SCSI Page tonight. What a rotten mess! And no-one mentioned anything? There had to be 20 broken links, and I am ashamed!
    It has ten times the info now!


    Put back in my light switches linked through my "eyes"

    Made a new page on Lebanese  :-)

    Deleted the MSNBC news link on my home page, as not only do they NOT know what html is, they also don't know what news is


    Home page linked with Mad Cow Disease, Deja News, SABRE, and phone directories for North America

    Changed the MSN news to MSNBC on my homepage.

    Added two links to my SCSI Page and added Attotech

    Housecleaning, mostly changing the new and updated icons

    Well, after a month I finally got motivated!!!  :-) The first thing that I did tonight, was download and install the new IBM WebExplorer 1.1e. I then was able to see, as it has the capability to produce many more colours, that my pages had different background colours, so I made them all a new shade, and the same colour


    Added a new neat picture to my Vancouver Page.

    As per Gerry's request, I finally removed the first two pages.


    Home page linked with AIRSPACE, Atheist Site, and AltaVista

    Housecleaning, home page and tide page


    Housecleaning, mostly changing the new and updated icons


    New info on home page, and text page on Canada Day and Tides


    Home page linked with Stock Page, Currency Convertor , the Overclocker's FAQ, and Scientific American

    Why, you're here!  :-)


    Updated my tide page

    SCSI Page updated, CMD added

    Bicycle Page, Orcas Island link


    Bicycle the Gulf and San Juan Islands

    New tide page for Vancouver


    Updated "New Ideas?" page, and deleted Toby's URL


    Fixed tables on several pages to be compatible with Netscape browser

    Earthquake Page has a neat overview on the Kobe quake

    OS2 page has new links to benchmarks

    Some neat programs has Fix Pack 17 uninstaller added

    Text Only page synchronised

    Home page has new stuff

    This page hyperlinked

    SCSI Page updated, new addresses, substantially complete

    Weather Page updated


    Weather Page new GOES 9 satellite, like WOW!


    Brand new Elle page

    Weather Page new stuff, satellite and weather cams

    Why, you're here!  :-)

    Vancouver Page, Weather Cams and writing

    Index.html, updated, and added

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